Big Magic Music Welcomes You!

Samples and loops BPM'd and Key'd.

Collections of 100 BPM'd and Key'd samples and loops in wav form and compressed to .zip form. 
100 Samples and Loops charged at a sale price of £2.50. Collections on sale for direct download IMMEDIATELY after purchase listed below in the shop and an email link will be sent for download of your loops and samples.
Also expect other artist contributions to Big Magic Music.
Albums, EP's & Singles are sold in MP3 format with tax added after point of sale.
Demo loops and samples are free to dl and audition to use royalty free. Demo samples & loops are in MP3 form as players allow those only. The packs for sale are all in WAV form. 
Scroll function to the left of first sample pack (regard hand icon and click.)
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About Our Business

A Little More Information

Download .zip files, each containing 50 wavs and samples.
Within the Folder to be unzipped by WINZIP would most likely be a WAV FILE titled like this:

100 1 one for one
The 100 1 = BPM'd at 100.1BPM 
one for one is a brief description of the sample or loop.
Click on the DL (Arrow pointing down to horizontal line) to view goods and description of the goods.

Empty Stage

Exclusive beats for you can be made if you require instrumental purchases contact info
Artist link =
He makes beats for hip hop artists exclusive copyright to the artist for his beats at a fair price.

Store will be live November 18th 2021

Celebrating the or .com fresh new domain, we shall be hosting a den of iniquity with all kinds of zany things happening with the site.
Expect fresh new players with experience and originality. Will be working with a few players over the next couple of months who will have downloadable albums & songs fresh for your ears.
Samples packs are locked and loaded, available for sale as of November 18th 2021.
Stay tuned, y'all!


A new homie awaits your discovery...

George Vassell

A very good friend of mine decided to hook up with me and advertise his services, making beats and instrumentals for you to order. If you require beats and instrumentals in the modes of:

  1. Hip-Hop.

  2. Pop.

  3. Reggae.

  4. Trap.

Then you know who to write to and work with.


You can contact George Vassell who will work with you, shaping and modelling your beat or instrumental at a very competitive price at...


Hope you like our samples and loops collections. We're in good hands!

Phone number withdrawn because of heat from the undesirable record companies.